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The birth of a child is a very unique experience; it is as if you have been transported to a different world. Maternity with Care looks after both you and your family when a baby is born.

Renée van der Heide – Canrinus
Maternity nurse

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Pregnancy is a special and exciting time, which will bring about many changes to your present way of life. Pregnancy is often also a time when you have many questions and uncertainties, especially if it is your first child. Fortunately, these nine months give you plenty of time to prepare.


Do you wish to give birth at home or in hospital? In the Netherlands, women can choose between giving birth at home or in hospital. You and your partner can discuss this with the midwife and make a decision, depending on your personal situation.

Care period

Usually, you will receive maternity care in the first week immediately after the birth. The main focus is on taking care of you and your baby. In addition, as a maternity nurse, I also see to the partner and any other family members. After all, the baby is a new addition to your whole family.


As a mother, you have a right as standard to the basic package of 49 hours of maternity care if you are breastfeeding and 45 hours if you are bottle feeding. These hours are divided over a period of 8 days. In practice, this amounts to approximately 5 to 6 hours per day.



Maternity with Care

The name already tells you – maternity with care. That care consists especially of love and respect for people and families. My aim is that the maternity care period is an experience as relaxed and pleasant as possible for every family. I believe that every family, mother and baby are special! Furthermore, I find it important that everyone is allowed to take care of a child in his or her own way.

About me

I will tell you a bit about myself: My name is Renée, I am married and mother to three daughters and now also grandmother to four grandchildren.

I began working as a maternity nurse about 34 years ago, initially for a maternity care organization and for the past ten years as a self-employed maternity nurse. In between this work, I have also worked in care for the elderly, in a hospital and in the business sector. However, my real passion is maternity care. As a result of completing various training courses and attending professional monthly meetings, I have developed into a professional maternity nurse with a great deal of experience.

I do my work with much love and care in a wide variety of families. In addition, I sometimes work abroad as a maternity nurse for Dutch families. Every time is special again for me – having the privilege of being present at the start of a new life. This gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. I always have a positive attitude, am flexible and can adjust really well to different circumstances.

My challenge is to be able to assist people from different walks of life during the maternity care period. I enjoy working for Dutch families as well as families from other cultures. I find it very interesting to work with different people, of different ages, cultures or social backgrounds. Furthermore, I really enjoy assisting trainee maternity nurses in their work.


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Areas where I work

The areas where I work are mainly in the region of Friesland and the neighbouring areas, such as: the north of Overijssel, Drenthe and the west side of Groningen. My home base is Drachten and I am happy to travel to families in this region. Often, I can be present at a delivery within just an hour of being called.

If you live outside this region and would like to receive care from Maternity with Care, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Maternity care abroad

Since the summer of 2008, I have also worked abroad for Dutch families who live and work abroad. Providing maternity care abroad adds an extra dimension to my profession. This Maternity with Care without boundaries offers Dutch families abroad the possibility of receiving maternity care from a Dutch maternity nurse and thus making a good start as a family at this special time.

For example, I have provided maternity care in countries including Norway, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, Italy and Brasil. I work abroad both on a self-employed basis and in collaboration with Cradle kraamzorg from Amsterdam, as well as other maternity care organizations.

From my own experience, I know how important it can be at a special time in your life, such as having a baby, to be able to speak in your own native language and to have someone around you who understands your language and customs perfectly.

Do you live abroad and are you expecting a baby, or do you have family or friends who live abroad and would you like them to have a maternity care period with a Dutch approach?

Please do not hesitate to call me and I will tell you all about my method of work and fees for Maternity with Care without boundaries!

The number to call from abroad is: +31 512 542 985 or +31 6 180 81 454, or you can send an email to:




Would you like to receive more information or to make an appointment? Just give me a call or send an e-mail. Of course, you can always call me if you still have questions.

Renée van der Heide – Canrinus
Qualified self-employed maternity nurse

Tjalling Wagenaarstraat 33
9203 SP Drachten
The Netherlands

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